We are here to help you have a great experience with Schill’s Dumpster Service inc.. We do our best in taking every loaded container we can, there are just some that we can not take. Keep in mind that the container is pulled up at an extreme angle, and this will cause items to fall off the back and sides causing possible damage to your property and possibly causing harm to anyone in the area or even our driver.
These containers where not able to be hauled away do to they where filled well past the “Maximum Loading level ” line.

We are required by law to tarp the load, however tarps are only to protect light objects like paper,dust, foam ETC. from leaving the container.
The tarp is not designed to hold or secure large and sharp objects. Please DO NOT fill past the line.

This dumpster was filled with concrete. 
We can not lift this much weight.
This dumpter weighed over 20 tons, Our weight limit is 10 tons.
Unfortunately the customer had to unload half of this into another dumpster.
But we must say, this is one of the neatest stackings we have seen.

This dumpster is borderline. 
We understand that some loads will bulge in the middle or protrude a little above our “Maximum Loading Level” line.
In most cases we can take it. Safety first.

This one is self explanatory 

Please DO:
Layer all material as flat as possible.
Place heavier objects on the bottom of the container.
Keep sharp objects flat.

Please DO NOT:
Do not fill past the “Maximum loading Level Line”
Do not block the container with a vehicle or trailer.
Do not over fill with concrete or stucco. 10 ton limit
Do not allow children to play on or around the container.

If you any questions or need help in deciding what container size you need, Please give us a call.
We are here to help.